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Just the Jokes

Give Kerri the subject and she'll craft several winning jokes you can use. Do you need industry specific material for example you're presenting for CEO's or Medical professionals? Maybe you are in a new geographic area and you want some specific material to open up with? Give Kerri the situation and she'll personalize some material just for that occasion. All material will be solely owned by you. Skype Coaching for delivery tips can be added on to this package.

One Hour Skype Coaching

You decide what you want to work on during this time. Do you need help with program titles? Want to brain storm on ideas and tag lines to promote your and market yourself with humor? Want to go over existing jokes or material you're already working on?Want to learn some strategies for social media to engage your audience with humor and catapult your branding?You can even choose to read your speech and Kerri will help with adding more humor and better delivery of material that will dramatically enhance your performance skills.

Speech Therapy-Presentation or Script Review

Kerri will take your speech, written materials, audio or visual and go over it line by line. Then she will send you at least 15 new jokes and or funny ideas to make it the funniest and most relevant it can be.Also included can be delivery tips. She can also include new opening and closing jokes if needed. Or if she's reviewing a book or manuscript she can help with your intro or closing thoughts to readers.

One Hour Skype Coaching can be added:

Stand Up Comic SOS

Did you just book a showcase and need to have your material polished by a Hollywood professional? Do you want to go over your existing set and get new tags and punch lines? Do you need career coaching on how to take yourself to the next level in comedy?We can help you with marketing, agents, branding and advice on all things comedy. Learn from Kerri's 12 years experience as a professional headlining comedian.  Phone or Skype available. Monthly Mentor packages available as well.

IN-PERSON COACHING for Individuals or Group Sessions

Kerri will come meet with you for an entire day and work on your material or project in person. Will include all services above. Call for more information.

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