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Katie Nall, Ph.D.

Health & Wellness Practitioner

​NallEdge Co.​

Author: "CR8 UR F8: Life on Your Terms - A Guide to Surviving the Circus"

It has been said “You don’t have to be funny to speak – only if you want to get paid!” If you want to get paid as a speaker and get paid well, contact the Laugh Dr., Kerri Pomarolli. Kerri will listen to your material, find the funny bone in there, then shower you with so many funny quips you cannot write them down fast enough. Kerri’s electric mind works on one speed: Super Funny! She will take your material to a new, funny, exciting level. If you are ready for big-time laughs, hire the big-time laugh MD, Kerri Pomarolli to find the funny bone in your material. I cannot recommend her more highly!

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